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Miriam Bibbero Johnson

Family, Philanthropy, Fashion: A Biography of Hull’s Actress-Entertainer

Miriam Bibbero Johnson Family Philanthropy Fashion a Biography of Hulls Actress Entertainer Book Cover

In 1840 a small Jewish family escaped from Prussia settling in Kingston Upon Hull.

100 years later their great-granddaughter Mira Bibbero Johnson was one of the most famous actresses in England carrying on the family tradition of charitable work in Yorkshire’s caring city of Hull.

Starting with the story of her famous great-uncle Marcus and her grandfather Barnett, Mira Johnson’s biography charts her electrifying career.

Her biography leads you through the Wireless Age to BBC Television, theater and stage school from Victorian Britain to the end of World War II.

Owner of Hull’s exclusive fashion house – the House of Mirelle – her story is truly fashionable, a stylish glimpse into clothes, society and the women that wore them from days gone by.

Told against the historic backdrop of theater, radio and film it’s an 100 year romp with all the twists and turns you’d expect from the life story of one of the city’s most characterful and creative pioneers.

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