The House Of Mirelle: Hull: UK

A post-war fashion show at the House of Mirelle, April 8th 1949.
A post-war fashion show at the House of Mirelle, April 8th 1949. Courtesy Hull Daily Mail.

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read this page.

I am researching a book about The House of Mirelle, a fashion house based in Hull UK between 1938 and the 1970s.

The book is non-fiction, which means that it tells the story in a factual way and the good news is that you can get involved!

The book is being written with your help – your memories, recollections and experiences are integral to telling the story of the House Of Mirelle.

It’s your stories and memories that makes the book come alive.

The fashion house existed in Hull in many places throughout its life and although Hull was bombed in World War 2, Mirelle survived the Hull Blitz.

Here’s a photo of the location of the House Of Mirelle on 60 King Edward Street as the building looks in 2014.

60 King Edward Street Hull

Methodist Central Hall Hull 1990s
King Edward Street in the 1990s








What sort of information do you need ? 

Any information you might remember about the House of Mirelle, their employees, their fashions, what it was like to shop there or if you remember any clothes you bought there too.

Elka Couture 

Elka Couture was a fashion label that was sold at the House of Mirelle. Do you have any Elka Couture in your wardrobe or collection. If you did I’d like to know about that too.

Ideas to help jog your memory

Here’s a page worth reading to help jog your memory. It gives you some ideas to try if your memory is rusty or things happened a long time ago.

Who owned the House of Mirelle? 

Mira (Miriam) Bibbero Johnson was the Director of the House of Mirelle. She was married to Charles Percival Mountain.

They lived for many years in The Avenues conservation area in Hull.

Image courtesy Hull Daily Mail. Mira Bibbero Johnson and Charles Percy Mountain on their wedding day.
Image courtesy Hull Daily Mail. Mira Bibbero Johnson and Charles Percy Mountain on their wedding day.

Did you know them? If you did please do get in touch.

Working at the House of Mirelle

The House of Mirelle employed sales assistants, dressmakers, fitters and mannequins – that means models who modelled the clothing in live fashion shows.

Did someone in your family work there or model there or go to a fashion show there. If they did, I’d love to hear about that as well.

The 1950s and 60s. 

The House Of Mirelle blossomed in the 1950s and lasted throughout the revolution that happened in the 60s also.

During this era a second shop opened in Hull also run by Mirelle’s.

Different in its approach to fashion and selling up to date, current lines like Mary Quant styles, it was a shop for a younger and less affluent market.

What was that shop like to visit?

Mary Molly Kidd 

Molly Kidd was the manageress at the House Of Mirelle.  She was an integral part of how the shop felt to shop in, work there and how it ran.

Did you work or shop there at that time?

What was it like to go into in its later years – did they sell new fashions or stuck to the old, for instance.

Olga (Roe) Fay 

Olga Fay was the principal mannequin at the House of Mirelle. She and her husband emigrated from Hull in 1954.

Did you know her or see her in one of the shows?

The Modelling and Charm School 

The House of Mirelle opened a charm school in February 1949.

It was established with Edwina Bateman, a former ballerina, leading some of the classes. I’m interested in hearing about the Charm School also.

What will you do with the information? 

I am collecting information for a book about The House of Mirelle.

Are you looking for personal stories? 

Yes – that’s what I’m looking for. Feel free to write to me with any personal stories or memories you have.

What  include is up to you. Perhaps you’d like to to write down what you remember first and then send it to me or we can talk it through over the phone.

Are you using my personal information? 

The contact form will ask you for some personal information.

Any personal information like your name or age or contact details will not be published or given to anyone else unless you give me written consent to do so.

I will use the personal information you send me like your email address to contact you to ask questions or find out more about your stories.

I don’t remember much at all 

No worries. Even small snippets of information help to build up a story. Memories of what the shop looked like on the high street when you walked past, for instance, can really help bring history alive.

I don’t have my dress / item of clothing any more 

Again, no worries. I’m working with an illustrator to bring the clothes alive. All I need is a description or a photo.

I got married in a House Of Mirelle wedding dress 

Fabulous! Do you have a photo of the dress? If so, I’d love to see it.

I don’t know about the House of Mirelle but my family might do

Great! Sometimes information is passed down through families from people in older generations.

If you do –  go ahead and contact me with what you’ve found out.

I think my family member or friend might have worked there..

That’s great too! Their memories and information is interesting and useful. If they do not use email or the internet we can find a way to talk that they feel comfortable with.

I don’t know if my information is useful…

It might be –  send me a quick email we can chat about whether it is useful.

A postcard from King Edward Street, Hull. Early 20th Century.
A postcard from King Edward Street, Hull. Early 20th Century.

How do I get in touch with you ? 

By using this form. It’s simple and easy.

Or you can email me directly on

I will call you if you leave your number and a good time to speak to you as well.

Facebook and social media 

I have set up a page in Facebook which you can like and post information or follow progress with the story.

Here’s the link 

Many thanks for your time in sending me this information, 


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