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Carrie started her writing career as a script advisor for screenplay development and film acquisition in the British film industry. 

Gaining a Distinction she trained as a freelance journalist after which she started the nationally recognised journalism qualification in the UK – The NCTJ. Her skills include photography, digital storytelling and film/documentary.

As Director of Holstermedia Ltd, she established Merge Music Magazine to focus on the emerging music scene.

Whilst Editor, she commissioned, recruited and worked with writers across the globe, often writing in English as a foreign language.

She also supported student journalists on work placement from Kingston University.

She has been involved with academic research, specialising in non-fiction throughout her life and has taught University level students also.

She’s worked as a press and publicity manager for Artificial Eye and Mayfair Entertainment film companies and as a volunteer for Oxjam Music Festival, all of which involved producing press releases, story generation and regional and national campaigns.

She currently ghost writes a blog, website and newsletters for a vintage fashion business, using a combination of research and journalism and works as a consultant with large online vintage retail organisations such as Retruly about content management and strategy also.

She is in the process of establishing an online resource focusing solely on British vintage fashion and the fashion of the high street, called VintageFashionResearch.Com.

She is collector of vintage clothing, vintage sewing patterns and accessories and has a research interest in British fashion including fashion from the high street and the social history of the economy and skills of female dressmaking practice.

In her spare time she chairs her local writers group, a development group for all genres of writers who are not necessarily able to or interested in attending college or university but still want to get out there and write.


The Fashion Research Network 

Contact me here..

Contact me here..