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The House Of Mirelle Project: Officially Part Of The Hull2017 Community – The City Of Couture Perhaps!

Unless you’ve been locked away in an isolation tank over the last few months, you’ll know that in 2017 Hull will be the UK’s City Of Culture. 

All year the City will be celebrating the best of Hull past, present and future. It’s going to be an exciting year, filled with innovative, inspiring events and projects that show off Hull at its best.

Today I heard some great news – that myself and The House Of Mirelle project have been accepted as an official Community Brand for Hull2017. 

This is jump-up-and-down brilliant!

Being able to display the Community Brand proudly is “a mark of creativity, a sign of social action, and an invitation to make a difference.”

Engaging and involving the people of Hull in the research into The House of Mirelle is terrifically important.

Over the last months the stories you’ve shared and the information you’ve given has built it into a truly collaborative, community project.

It shows how individual people’s voices can join together to say something great about Hull’s cultural history and preserve the memories as a permanent record of its past.

From this point onwards it’s onwards and upwards! I’m looking forward to being part of the community of people, organisations and projects across Hull who are taking positive social action and will make Hull2017 a resounding success.

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Researching and writing a book about a Hull fashion house called The House Of Mirelle. Our Facebook page is called The House Of Mirelle, join us! Lives in London. Is a social and fashion history researcher and writer of creative non fiction. Runs the Surbiton Writers Group. Loves multi-media, fashion history and film. Collects vintage clothing and vintage clothing patterns and is an avid home dressmaker. On a TV game show my specialist subject would be the history of fashion in the UK. Twitter @carriejourno. Facebook Carrie Henderson Journalist. Email

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