Pen Portrait

Carrie specializes in researching and writing about vintage fashion including ghostwriting, commissioning and managing online content. This ties together her understanding of vintage fashion and writing for the web.

She regularly advises as to value and context of ‘modern costume’ i.e. vintage fashion including advising on and supplying vintage clothing to the Theatrical, TV and Film industry for use in productions.

She published “Storing Vintage Clothing: A Guide To Keeping Vintage Items In Your Home” in 2017.

In 2017 her website was awarded Top 100 Vintage Blog status by an online aggregate who assessed it alongside websites about the culture of vintage fashion internationally.

She has been Editor of two online magazines targeted at niche readerships where up to date and engaging, shareable content has been key.

While doing so she supported student journalists on work placement teaching and developing writing skills and is Chair of her local writers’ group continuing the same.

She’s also worked for Oxjam charity as a Press / PR as well as advising on film scripts for acquisition and production.

Carrie is researching and writing a book about an historic fashion house that existed between 1938 and 1978. The project is part of the official community in the UK City of Culture 2017.

She lectures on aspects of the research and manages a public history website which includes producing articles on the history of vintage fashion as a whole.

As a consumer, researcher and writer she sees vintage fashion from all sides; business, pleasure and an information source as well.

She believes successful writing encompasses all three.