Hull History – Ideas To Help Jog Your Memory


Memories are wonderful but they can be elusive as well.

Many of us, myself included, have found ourselves struggling to recall a detail or forgetting events that happened long ago.

So how can you help yourself remember things that might seem far away or long forgotten?

If you are reading this website because you want to help with the research into the House of Mirelle  but aren’t sure what you remember, here are a few tricks to jog your memory into action:

Find a quiet space to think and reflect. Your mind will be helped along by not having any distractions. Like doing a complicated crossword or solving a Suduko, space to concentrate and being relaxed works!

Take notes from the start. Your memory may come thick and fast. With a pen and paper ready you can take notes while you are listening to your own thoughts, a bit like you would if you are listening to someone else’s.

Don’t edit as you remember things. It’s tempting to tell your memory what is important or not. Your memory flows better when you allow it to take a natural course and all sorts of lovely things come back when you open the gate to do that – let it run free!

Significant / insignificant. I’m interested in hearing everything. Honestly that’s true. A tiny thing you recall could be the key to helping tell the story properly. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering and if you like, we can start by talking about it and seeing where it goes.

Memory is 3D. As you remember, think about it in 3 dimensions, sights, sounds, the look of something too.

Use Photos. Photos are a brilliant memory-jog.

Talk your memories out loud. Some people remember things best when they speak out loud, even if it’s talking in an empty room. Go ahead and try it – did you remember anything unexpected?

Most mobile phones have a record device; you could to press ‘record’ and talk your memories into it instead of taking notes on paper.

People: Lots of people worked at the House of Mirelle and your friends may have even worked, browsed or shopped there. Do they have stories to share too.

Feelings/thoughts/impressions. These are personal to you, but they really make a difference and are every bit as important as factual information.

Usually I hear things more than once so you won’t be the only person to say something that struck you or is an opinion you’ve held over time.

I hope these ideas have helped you gather your thoughts and memories.

When we speak you might find me asking you about things in more depth.

That’s because I’m trying to get something straight in my thinking so that I am accurate when I tell the story of the House of Mirelle.

Finally. It all matters and it all counts!

I am always genuinely interested in what you have to say so if you feel like you want to start by having a short conversation that’s fine.

I’m happy to talk by whatever way suits you.

I’m looking forward to speaking to you and and finding out more about the fashion house that existed in the centre of Hull.