The House Of Mirelle – Information For People I’ve Contacted

This is a page for people who I’ve contacted about The House Of Mirelle

You may be reading this page because you are one of the people I’ve contacted. Hello and a warm welcome to this page it explains why I’ve got in touch with you.

One of the most crucial aspects to research into The House Of Mirelle is that the story will be told by a mixture of fact and people’s memories.  

Here’s a factual for instance; The House Of Mirelle existed on King Edward Street in Hull.

That fact isn’t disputed and is in the public domain.

But that information on its own is not enough to tell the story of The House Of Mirelle.

Telling the story is also about the people who had contact with the fashion house, hearing from the mannequins – or models – who worked there for instance and people who may have had clothes made there as well.

Sometimes people I’d like to talk to are no longer alive.

In that case I’m seeking out relatives, friends and / or work colleagues of the original person.

You may have received a letter from me introducing myself and explaining why you are someone I’d like to talk to.

That helps because you may recall conversations and experiences also.

People like you are really important to telling this story properly…

It’s a collaborative process – the story is told partly by me and partly by the people who recall the House of Mirelle.

That’s the first reason for getting in touch.

The second reason is that the book is also a piece of social research.

It isn’t my history, it’s the history of Hull and of the people who shopped, worked and lived there.

The history is ‘owned’ by those that remember and experienced it.

In Social History and particularly Oral History it’s what people say about an experience in their lives that is the focus.

If someone has a memory to share that is included so that the piece of writing involves that person too.

You can see a bit about how it works in this blog post:

The words of Marie Jubb who was turned away from The House Of Mirelle when they wouldn’t copy Lady Patricia Mountbatten’s wedding dress adds something to the fact that The House Of Mirelle made wedding dresses on its own.

On the front page I talk about the type of information that I’m seeking out.

You could be the key to unlock a hidden aspect to The House Of Mirelle and that makes your memories part of the story too.

Your contact with me is valuable for that reason.

Thank you very much for reading this page and for taking the time to get in touch. I’m looking forward to talking with you.